About Us

About us

Acquire Skills and Learning that Empowers Your Future

d.kraft is an educational organization specializing in equipping individuals with current world’s in-demand, digital, data science, business and leadership skills to empower them to build a viable, sustainable future in their careers.

We strive on creating applicable and practical modules that close the gap in corporate skills requirements, accelerating job readiness and facilitating career transitions. All of these delivered through live sessions by industry leaders and experts, on a virtual eLearning platform, powered by artificial intelligence.

Our program also includes interactive sessions with leading industry experts and head-hunters, providing mentorship and preparation for job interviews.

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Core Team

Founded by industry experts and entrepreneurs

Pawan Bahuguna

Senior Advisor

Sherrey Chng

Co-Founder & CEO

Brian O’Driscoll

Senior Advisor - Finance

Professor Soumitra Dutta

Senior Advisor (Former Founding Dean and Professor, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business)

Debarka Sengupta

Co-founder and AI Lead

Prasenjit Banerjee

General Manager & Product Lead